All Arkki groups canceled this Friday (Feb 2nd)!

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As a result of the public traffic strike, all Arkki groups on Friday (2nd Feb 2018) have been canceled and will be postponed to be held in May (one week to extend the semester).

This applies to the following groups at the Cable Factory:

– H27s pe 15.30-17.00 PO4 10-14v
– H28s pe 17.00-18.30 PO3-4 7-9v
– H29s pe 17.00-18.30 VO2 4-6v
– H30s pe 17.00-18.30 PO1 7-9v
– H31s pe 18.30-20.00 PO4-5 10-14v
– H32s pe 18.30-20.00 PO4-5 10-14v
– H33s pe 18.30-20.00 PO3 10-14v
We’ll see you again next week!