Listen to the teacher.

The teacher’s instructions must be followed during the class. This is important as the teacher is in charge of safety, and Arkki is not responsible for possible damages caused by disregarding of the instructions.

Let others work in peace.

Remember to respect other pupils and offer them a possibility to work in peace.

Clean up after yourself.

It is nice to start working when all the equipment and materials are cleaned and back where they should be. It also saves time when you do not have to search for the materials. Cleaning up after oneself is an essential part of the class.


Come to the lessons in time 

The lessons usually start with an introduction to the day’s subject and working methods. That is way it is crucial to come to the lessons in time. Please notice that there is no break between the lessons and the teachers are hold accountable for the children only during the time marked in the schedule.


Notify of absence

In Arkki the teaching is based on continuance, and the children might continue their projects for many weeks. That is why regular attendance to classes is important. If your child can not attend to a class, please inform the teacher.


Dress suitably 

In Arkki we use a large variety of materials and tools that might cause the clothes getting dirty. That is why it is recommendable for the child to put on some clothes that can get a bit soiled. There are some aprons available in Arkki. Arkki is not responsible for damages caused to the clothes.