In Arkki one can study from the age of 4 until the age of 19. The student places are permanent, so once granted a place, one can study until the age of 19. The students advance in their studies yearly. In Arkki’s courses the students create constructions of all shapes and sizes from varying materials, draw and design, create miniatures and study the structures, forms, scales, colors, light and shadow. Important part of the education are also visits to interesting exhibits and buildings.

The main focus on the studying in Arkki is on the joy of discovering and inventing. There are no right or wrong answers; there are only different points of view. One can join in Arkki at any age between 4 and 19. We form our groups by accepting students based on the order of enrollment. Fall terms begin in September and spring terms in January.


Architecture Education

The teaching in Arkki is called Basic Education in Visual Arts. The curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education.

There are separate groups for 7-9 year-olds, 10-14 year-olds and 15-19 year-olds.

A hut, house, village, neighborhood, city, environment of the future, indoors, outdoors, imaginary places… Here is a few keywords.

Own yard, neighborhood and the surroundings of the school generate interest. The city of the future has also been discovered as a very interesting subject thanks to for example movies and comic books. Naturally all of us have personal experiences of living and moving in our own hometown.

In the Architecture Education the students design, draw and build using all kinds of materials. Using different projects where the students can use their imagination and actualize their fantasies, they get familiar with the basic consepts of architecture, such as space, light, color, materials and structures. Little by little the students start to understand the bigger picture by generating ideas of interior designs and buildings. By creating yourself one can learn the use of different materials in designing and building through practical examples.

The groups of Basic Education in Visual Arts consist of 12 persons and they meet once a week.


Child & Parent Groups for 4 to 6 year-old


Arkki offers Child & Parent Groups for 4 to 6 year-old children and their parents. The education is carried out in child-parent groups where each child has their own grown-up as a workpartner.

In the teaching one gets familiarized with different elements of architecture and their surroundings by the help of imaginative building projects and three-dimensional experiments. There are no boundaries for creativity and usually the results are the most amazing constructions one can imagine.

The themes variate from the study of architectural shapes to environmental factors, interior designing and urban planning.

In Arkki the way to learn is to discuss the architectural matters with the students and look at things three-dimensionally. As a result, amazing miniature constructions are being born. The creativity and imagination of the children are being supported by pedagogic means. One can learn a lot about reality by letting your imagination loose and following your fantasies.


Basic Education for 7 to 14 year-old

Arkki offers Basic Education in Visual Arts to groups of 7 to 9 year-old and to 10 to 14 year-old. The teaching takes place on groups of 10-12 persons and the groups meet once a week.

On this age, issues such as ecology and sustainability are considered and discussed from different viewpoints. Cultural history and the impact of tradition in the design of buildings are studied, as well as forms and mass, structures, and the symbolic language of architecture. The relationship between the natural and the built environment is considered. Children get acquainted with city planning processes. Also immaterial qualities of architecture are discussed and considered. Analyzing the spatial experience and examining space with all the senses fascinates children of all ages.


Advanced Study Groups for 14 to 19 year-old

As the children grow older, the topics and study in Arkki become more profound and complex. Children aged between 14 and 19 years study different aspects of architecture. They get acquainted with design in different scales; from designing door handles to houses to city planning. They learn how architects and designers work and they learn to understand and read architectural plans by drawing themselves. They also learn about architectural history and contemporary architecture and its masterpieces.


The extent of the education

Child & Parent Groups consist of 48 + 2 hours, Basic Education in Visual Arts Groups consist of 60 + 36 hours and the Advanced Study Groups consist of 120 + 36 hours per year. At maximum one can study 200 hours in total in Child & Parent Groups, 576 hours in Basic Education in Visual Arts and 780 hours in Advanced Study Groups.

Mainly the classes of the Child & Parent Groups and the Basic Education in Visual Arts take 2 x 45 minutes and the Advanced Study Groups take 4 x 45 minutes per class.

The entirety of the studies consist of teaching, visits and the independent work of the student. The school year consists of the fall term and spring term. The total number of hours of the studies can vary from 37 to 120 hours. The basis of the calculation of the number of hours is one class of 45 minutes. The Parent & Child Groups meet in total 12 times per semester. The groups of Basic Education in Visual Art and Advanced Study Groups meet in total 14 times during a semester.

The total number of hours in the Basic Education in Visual Arts and in the Advanced Studies is 1300 hours. The total number of hours in the Child & Parent Groups is 200 hours. The basis of the calculation of the number of hours is one class of 45 minutes. The total number is always decided by the one providing the education.

In the organizing of the education, student’s age, previously gained skills and teaching methods of the course are taken into consideration.

Basic Education in Visual Arts

The activity of Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth is based on the law of the basic education in visual arts (633/1998) and in the complementing regulation (813/1998). The curriculum of Arkki is based on what the Ministry of Education has defined about the education of visual arts on the 6th of August 2002 (Dno 39/0117/2002). The validity of the teachers is based on regulation about the requirements of competence for the teaching personnel (986/1998).


The studies of your choosing and acknowledging of your previous studies

Arkki organizes part of their teaching as a form of intensive courses and camps, which are open to everyone interested.

Arkki’s students can participate in these studies as well and include these courses and camps as a part of the necessary amount of hours a student needs to gather. These studies can be approved as a part of the basic education in visual arts or advanced studies.

Art studies gained from other schools may also be approved as a part of the necessary amount of hours. This being the case, the student must bring a signed certificate of the studies where one can see the hours of studies.