Advanced Studies

As the children grow older, the topics and study in Arkki become more profound and complex. Advanced studies begin at the age of 14. The teaching takes place in groups of 10-12 students and the groups meet once a week.

The students get acquainted with design in different scales; from designing door handles to houses to city planning. They learn how architects and designers work and they learn to understand and read architectural plans by drawing themselves. They also learn about architectural history and contemporary architecture and its masterpieces.


School year

The semesters start in January and in September. The fall semester starts at week 36 and Arkki’s Autumn Holiday is on week 42.

Spring term starts at week 4. Winter Vacation is on week 8. There are no teaching on Easter, May Day, Ascension Day and other holidays.

We inform about the possible changes in timetables by e-mail.


14–19 year-olds

4 hours/week (One class takes 45 minutes and one session consists of four classes) 

156 + 36 hours per school year

One can study in Advanced Study Groups in total for 780 hours.

There are 14 sessions during a semester. 12 of these consist of normal classes, one is a visit to a interesting exhibition, museum or other attraction. The last session of the semester is a festive occasion, which usually consists of workshops and exhibits of the work of the students. Parents and siblings are very welcome to participate in this last session! Often they can also participate in the trip organized on the course.

There may appear opportunities for the students to take part in actual design projects, which may cause changes in schedules and the places.

In the Advanced Studies the students examine various aspects of architecture from the little details of interior design to great entities of urban planning. One can continue their studies in Arkki until the age of 19!

Assigning for the next semester

Arkki’s student places are permanent. When a student place is granted, assigning for the courses happens automatically and the student is accepted to the next course suited for their level without separate enrollment.

We send confirmation letters, information about the course and the invoice at the beginning of each semester by e-mail. We try to keep the same timetables for the groups when proceeding to a new semester. The level in the studies advances yearly and one does not have to change the group in order to advance in their studies.