The Child & Parent Groups for the 4 to 6 year-old children are usually the way one starts their studies in Arkki. These groups consist of 10 children and their parents. The groups meet once a week.

Children learn about architecture through play and imaginative projects by means of model building using different materials. Main themes are the elements of architecture like the relationship between the built environment and nature, space, light and shadow, colors, shapes, materials, structures, scale and proportion, mass, opening and closure, time and movement. Tradition and cultural history are also part of the curriculum.

School Year

The semesters start in January and in September. The fall semester starts at week 36 and Arkki’s Autumn Holiday is on week 42.

Spring term starts at week 4. Winter Vacation is on week 8. There are no teaching on Easter, May Day, Ascension Day and other holidays.

We inform about the possible changes in timetables by e-mail.


To 4–6 year-olds

2 hours/week (One class takes 45 minutes and one session consists of two classes) 

48 + 2 hours per school year

One can study in Child & Parent Groups in total for 200 hours.

In total there are 12 sessions during a school year. The last of the meetings is a festive occasion, which ends the school year. This usually consists of workshops and exhibits of the work of the students. Siblings are also very welcome to participate in this last session to marvel the outcomes of the course!

The teaching takes place in a child-parent groups, where all children have their own adult with them. In these family groups the children and parents study and build together.

The goals in these groups are for the children to learn to observe their environment by improving their senses, consept of space, motion and different shapes and to learn about different materials and structures. The aim is to give the children their first touch to forming a living and interactive relationship with the environment and their surroundings.

It is important for the child to work as independently as possible. The parent’s role is to support and subtly help when needed. The most important thing is to acknowledge the student’s own way of interpreting the world.

Assigning for the Basic Education

Arkki’s student places are permanent. When a student place is granted, assigning for the courses happens automatically and the student is accepted to the next course suited for their level without separate enrollment. After the Child & Parent Groups, the student automatically advances to continue their studies in the Basic Education.

We send confirmation letters, information about the course and the invoice at the beginning of each semester by e-mail. We try to keep the same timetables for the groups when proceeding to a new semester. The level in Basic Education advances yearly and one does not have to change the group in order to advance in their studies.