Learning by experimenting and through fantasy projects

Arkki utilizes a wide range of methods, but emphasizes on 3D working methods. By building miniature models and also in 1:1 scale, children can make discoveries by themselves instead of being given answers by adults. The interplay of imagination and intelligence, and theory and experimentation are encouraged in project work. Learning occurs through play and carefully planned project work. Play is the means by which children explore the world and learn naturally. Through different activities Arkki wishes to light a spark in young people´s minds so that they want to influence and participate in the development of the built environment in the future, whatever their occupation is.


The Student Works

Arkki School organizes exhibitions of the student works. The works are usually handed out to the students in the end of each term. The works from the exhibitions or courses have to be taken from the school when told. The school does not have space to store all the old student works.

The student works can be used by the school (for example in posters, information booklets, articles or web pages) before they are given to the students. The school has the right to store some works to its own exhibitions with the student´s permission. The students or their parents have the right to forbid the use of the student works in the school’s publications. There is a field in the enrollment form where one can give or deny the permission. When the permission is given once, it lasts until the end of the studies unless it´s cancelled.