Birthday Parties in Arkki

If you are looking for a birthday party that is both educational and fun, the solution is Arkki’s memorable and unique workshops. Choose a theme from four fun options: Sweet Architecture, Sweet City, LEGO® City and Fashion Design. The parties are arranged at Arkki’s inspiring premises in the Cable Factory. The idea of the workshops is to inspire the children to learn more about architecture and design through play and fun.

The Birthday Workshops last for two hours. The first hour is reserved for the guided workshop and the second part is for the birthday activity of your choosing. Before the party, there is 30 minutes reserved for preparations and organizing and afterwards 30 minutes for cleaning up. Birthday Party workshops can be organized on weekends, on Saturdays from 16.30 till 18.30 and on Sundays from 12.00 till 14.00 and from 15.00 till 17.00. During a holiday, Birthday Party workshops can also be organized on weekdays.

If you wish to have the party at your house or some other agreed place, it may be specially arranged. (This is possible only in the metropolitan area.) When organized at some other premises, the workshop last for an hour. For the Sweet Architecture and Fashion Design workshops the guide brings the materials with them but for the Sweet City the organizer must get the materials themselves according to the list we offer. The LEGO® City workshop is possible to arrange only in Arkki’s premises.


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In the Sweet Architecture workshop, the children build 3D towers and other buildings in triangulated construction, from sweets and cocktail sticks. This gives them an understanding of geometric forms and durable construction.

The price in Arkki’s premises: 250 € plus a 5 € material charge per participant.
The price elsewhere: 320 € plus a 5 € material charge per participant.

In the Sweet City workshop, the children get together to build a town or village from tasty materials such as biscuits, waffles and uncooked fondant candy.

The price in Arkki’s premises: 250 € plus a 7 € material charge per participant.
The price elsewhere: 320 €. Please note that the organizer must purchase the materials and they are not included in the price.


In the LEGO® City workshop, each participant builds a city block which forms a part of the city as a whole. The workshop begins with an inspiring introduction given by the architect-guide.

The price is 250 € (no material charge). LEGO® City workshop is possible to organize only in Arkki’s premises.


In the Fashion design workshop the participants design and decorate a purse or a wallet. Everyone gets to take their creation home!

The price in Arkki’s premises: 250 € plus a 7 € material charge per participant.
The price elsewhere: 320 € plus a 7 € material charge per participant.


The recommended number for participants is 12-15 children over the age of 7 or less than 10 children under the age of 7. We recommend that adults participate in the parties for children under the age of 7.

For groups over 15 participants we charge an extra fee of 100 €, for then it is necessary to have two guides present



Cancellation policy

If cancelled up to 7 days before the reserved workshop date, no fee will be charged. If cancelled later or in case of a no-show, 50,00 € will be charged.

The workshop can be postponed without costs due to an illness. This being the case, we kindly ask you to present the doctor’s certificate. For schedule changes made for other reasons than illness, we charge a fee of 20,00 €.

Please note that if a guide for the workshop can not be found, the workshop can be cancelled by Arkki.

N.B. we accept only written cancellations.

Further information, inquiries, reservations and cancellations: