Workshops for nurseries and school classes

Arkki organizes architecture workshops on various themes for comprehensive-school classes and nurseries. We can offer ‘off-the-shelf’ workshops lasting three hours on a dozen different themes. The workshops deal with architectural and environmental issues, introduce different aspects of the built environment and the natural environment, and discuss the interaction between them. Learning takes place through play and experience, but especially through building in three dimensions. The approach is ‘learning by doing’, through the child’s own experience, by considering and experimenting with various alternatives and testing them in reality. As far as learning is concerned, the most important things are motivation and an interest in the subject.

Workshops can also be tailored around specific themes in line with the client’s wishes.

Workshops can be ordered individually or as packages of more than one. The workshops form a step-by-step learning pyramid, although each workshop is complete in itself and can be realised separately, or in groups of more than one workshop. The architecture workshops introduce children to the wonderful world of architecture and give them the tools to examine their own environment and its constituent parts. The overall aim is to give children the first nudge towards forming a lively and interactive relationship with their environment.

The workshops, which last for 90 or 120 minutes, are held at the Arkki School of Architecture premises at the Cable Factory in Ruoholahti, though they can also be held on school premises. Most of the workshops are suitable for children aged 7 to 15.

The cost of workshops held on Arkki premises is 165 €/90 min and 180 €/120 min and on school premises 190€/90 min and 230 €/120 min. The cost of materials is 2─5 €/child, regardless of the task involved.

Arkki architecture workshops are intended for groups of around 10─22 children. Workshops can be arranged on weekdays from 09.00 to 16.00 and, by special arrangement, in the evening or at weekends.